Choose Sri Chaitanya School: The Finest High School in Jaipur

If you want your children to be prepared for life at college and university, you need them to study at a high school that takes its academics seriously. We at Sri Chaitanya School believe that we are the best international school in Jaipur to gear your child up for the best colleges and universities across India.

See Your Children Become What They Were Meant To Through Our Philosophy

At Sri Chaitanya School, we believe that each and every child has a degree of academic potential. To see that potential bloom, the child has to be provided the right kind of environment to thrive. That’s why we give our high school students an environment that first and foremost encourages balance.

We don’t pressurize our students into just studying all the time. We also provide the facilities and space required for our high school students to be fit and active through a healthy lifestyle. Our academic curriculum is meant to ensure that our students focus on the fundamentals of any subject to improve conceptual understanding. This philosophy makes us rank amongst the best schools in Jaipur.

We Prepare Your Children for the Toughest Challenges

To prepare our students for the toughest entrance examinations for the IITs and the country’s most reputed medical colleges through our Techno Curriculum. The Techo Curriculum is divided into the following batches:

  • C-Batch: For national and international Olympiads
  • IPL-Batch: For IIT aspirants
  • Medicon: For aspiring medical students
  • MPL-Batch: For medical students preparing for AIIMS, AIPMT, JIPMER and NEET medical entrance examinations
  • CIVILS Batch: For students aspiring for civil engineering positions

Our Teachers Groom Children to Be Fearless Communicators

The presence of some of the best educators at the high-school level is what makes us one of the top 10 schools in Jaipur. Our team of high school teachers uses a wide range of teaching methods to make students feel comfortable with the school curriculum.

They also encourage our students to speak up without any fear in a confident manner. This ensures that our students go on to become fearless communicators in the future.

Give your child a school that can unlock his/her potential. Give your child the benefits of one the best high schools in Jaipur; Sri Chaitanya School.