Those studying in the pre-primary level need to feel safe, secure, loved and appreciated to do well. We fulfil those needs for your young ones at Sri Chaitanya School by giving them a warm, peaceful and playful environment.


Primary education is considered as the foremost stage of formal schooling and in this state, children are brought up with the all basic studies. If you are looking for best Primary education look no further than us at Sri Chaitanya School.


At Sri Chaitanya School, we believe that each and every child has a degree of academic potential. To see that potential bloom, the child has to be provided the right kind of environment to thrive.That’s why we give our high school students

Welcome to Sri Chaitanya School

Jaipur is one of India’s most well known educational hubs and to provide top-notch schooling to its talented children, we at Sri Chaitanya School are here! The Sri Chaitanya group of schools has already set its high standards across other locations in India and now we have a branch in Jaipur to cater to the academic needs of the children in this historic city.

Our continuous efforts towards promoting holistic development through quality education make us one of the top 10 schools in Jaipur. If you want to see your child become a qualified individual who can make a positive change in Indian society in the future, then Sri Chaitanya School is the ideal institute for tomorrow’s budding geniuses.

Top Class Facilities
We rank among the best primary schools in Jaipur in terms of our facilities. We provide best-in-class facilities to create an environment that is perfect for learning. Since we are a school that does not just focus on academic success, we also have play facilities that allow our students to play as much as they work.

A Mix of Highly-Qualified Young and Experienced Teachers
Our teaching staff consists of a mix of young and experienced teachers. While we entrust our experienced teachers to teach through tried-and-tested teaching methodologies, we encourage young teachers to try out newer methods to make learning interesting for our students. This ensures an environment where students learn through a variety of effective teaching methodologies.

Innovative Teaching Methods for Pre-Primary Students
At Sri Chaitanya School, a top nursery school in Jaipur, we aim to make learning for pre-primary students as fun as possible. To make this possible, we encourage our pre-primary teachers to be experimental and to teach kids in a practical manner. This attitude makes us a quality pre primary school in Jaipur that promotes alternative teaching methods to create next generation learners.


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